what drives us

Monitoring market trends

Premium Petfood Brands is a leading brand in the purchasing, sales and marketing of dog and cat food in the Benelux market, having acquired extensive experience with the premium brands Smølke and Rodi, along with other brands. We maintain a large network – 1,200 sales outlets altogether – of pet speciality stores, garden centres, garden supply stores and agricultural stores. Our dedicated young team of pet-food specialists have extensive expertise in the marketing and sales of dog and cat food. Since we liaise closely with purchasing managers, retailers and consumers, we are always up on the latest trends in the market, and we will use this knowledge and expertise to help you build a strong and competitive brand.


We have successfully built three strong premium brands – Smølke, Rodi and Raw4Dogs – in the Benelux market in recent years. These two brands are sold at more than 1,200 sales outlets in the Benelux market.

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