Rodi renewed & improved!

After months of work, we proudly present our new Rodi Specials! We have not only renewed our packaging, but also the recipes have been adjusted based on the most recent insights of raw food.

We have optimized the composition for a number of flavors. For example, we have enriched the ‘Pens met Hart’ with eggs to make it even higher quality and the rice is now puffed, which ensures better digestion. In the ‘Rund met Groenten’, we have adapted our vegetables.

Raw4Dogs now also available in 900 grams!

By popular request, our Raw4Dogs sausages are now also available in 900 grams! Handy for dogs for which 450 grams is too little but 1.5 kg too much.

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New Smølke Soft Patés for dogs!

Smølke Soft Patés, every dog is eager for that! The ney Smølke's Soft Patés are the perfect treat for every dog. A delicious complete meal for the small dog and a tasty snack for the larger dog! Our delicious pâtés are full of meat and have a super soft bite. Made with natural ingredients and nutrients from superfoods, such as chia seeds, linseed, hemp seeds and cranberries. The patés ara available in 4 flavors: Chicken, Beef, Turkey and Lamb.

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Smølke Soft Patés is rated with an 8.1!

Because we think it is important to know whether our food is appreciated, we have had our Smølke Soft Patés tested by 109 cat owners have tested our pates and they have been rated with a wonderful 8.1!

86% said that they recommend the pâtés to other cat owners! Cats love the pâtés so much that even the most critical cat has loved it!

New packaging for our Rodi burgers

We have given our Rodi burgers a new packaging. By adjusting the size of the boxes and packing the burgers next to each other instead off one after the other, the boxes take up less space in width. This gives it more room for more flavors on the same shelf!

The packaging is now also more sustainable. They are now made from at least 90% recycled cardboard and can therefore simply be disposed of with the old paper.

New! Rodi Daily Basics

For Rodi we have developed a tasty addition to our range; Rodi Daily Basics.
Rodi Daily Basics is a complete meal for every dog (small or large) and is suitable for every day. Also suitable for cats. Rodi Daily Basics is available in Chicken and Beef flavors. The handy 50 gram mini burgers provide maximum ease of use. Rodi Daily Basics is now available at Jumbo supermarkets.


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Smølke chooses for collaboration with United Petfood

Smølke chooses for collaboration with United Petfood. Smølke will transfer the production of its dry food range to United Petfood from November 2019. With this, Smølke ensures the continuity and quality of its increasing volume and is thus ready for the next phase of significant growth.

The Smølke's customers will hardly notice the transfer of production. The recipes remain unchanged and the quality remains high. From now on, the first Smølke products from United Petfood can be seen in the store.

Soft Patés

Smølke Soft Patés

Super soft patés. Every cat loves them! The complete new Smølke Soft Patés product line will be introduced in the summer of 2019. The Soft Patés are packed full of meat, have a lovely soft bite and are enriched with Superfoods. The Smølke Soft Patés are available separately in five delicious flavours, and in a handy variety pack.The new product line is being strongly communicated with two in-store promotions: “1+1 Free” & “1 Free paté with every purchase of Smølke dry food (from 2kg)”. The promotions are supported effectively with eye-catching, attractive online marketing communication, and POS materials in stores.


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