Know how to move

Markets all come with their own individual rhythm, and to achieve success you need to be able to get a sense of this rhythm and move and act at the appropriate pace. Premium Petfood Brands is engaged in the marketing of dog and cat food in the Benelux market. Our dynamic and experienced sales team can assist you in selling your premium brand to our extensive network of pet speciality stores and specialised and semi-specialised retailers, including garden centres and agricultural retailers. In order to successfully market your brand, we develop effective marketing campaigns, sales-support promotions and creative campaigns that boost sales and increase loyalty. The leading brands we represent in the market include Smølke and Rodi.

Please feel free to contact us if you, too, are offering an innovative and/or competitive brand and are looking to make strong inroads into the Benelux market. We have all the tools you need and know just how to use them to connect with your target market.


Smølke has been the leading brand for complete and nutritious dog and cat food for more than two decades. The brand is different from competing brands operating in the premium segment through its use of high-quality ingredients, which guarantee maximum digestibility. The products are delicious for any dog and cat. The brand’s no-nonsense style of communication is also a distinctive feature. Smølke enjoys a high profile in its online and offline campaigns and promotions, both nationally and at the regional and local levels.

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The Rodi product range consists of both complete and complementary fresh-frozen meat-based foods, sausages and meat-based snacks. All Rodi products are of a high quality, suitable for all dogs, and produced without artificial fragrances, colours and flavours. Rodi’s wholesome and delicious products are a real treat for your dog. Rodi is a strong, unique brand with a loyal and committed clientele.

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Your Brand

If you are offering an innovative and/or competitive petfood product for dogs or cats but have yet to establish a network of sales points in the Benelux market, we can manage the entire process of purchasing, sales, distribution and marketing for your premium brand. Our enthusiastic, dedicated team will help you successfully market your brand. They’ll use everything they’ve got to help you succeed!

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We have moved!

From June 28th we will work from a new office located near the city center of lovely Ermelo. This nice location with beautiful environment offers us an inspiring workplace that is fully equipped....

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Rodi renewed & improved!

After months of work, we proudly present our new Rodi Specials! We have not only renewed our packaging, but also the recipes have been adjusted based on the most recent insights of raw food....

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Raw4Dogs now also available in 900 grams!

By popular request, our Raw4Dogs sausages are now also available in 900 grams! Handy for dogs for which 450 grams is too little but 1.5 kg too much.For more information go to ...

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